Authoritarians talk about protocols, but the only valid ‘protocol’ would be something like ‘perceive, think, act.’
— Raymond Peat, PhD

The Film

Is the way we do science and medicine broken?

Maverick scientists unravel the fatal flaws in our scientific and medical establishments, and how they've led to failures in treating the most devastating diseases. Through interviews, experiments, and animations, On the Back of a Tiger reveals a radical new way of doing science, and in turn a better understanding of disease, aging, and nutrition.

The Blog

This is our production journal of sorts, chronicling our travel, shoots, and progress to date. We’ll be adding lots more media soon. Look out for teasers, trailers, guests posts, and podcasts leading up to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign.

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The Filmmakers

We come from the commercial production & advertising world, working as creative directors at world-renowned production company & agency Digital Kitchen. It’s high time we use our skills for a greater good. We’re not doctors, or scientists, but we do have an insatiable thirst for scientific knowledge, and a solid grasp of the subjects covered. Our driving force comes from family and friends with serious health conditions, and seeing the rampant dysfunction in the scientific and medical establishments. Not being indoctrinated by the system has its advantages.