A running list of our interviewees to date. Each name links to more info. 

A running list of our interviewees to date. Each name links to more info. 

Meet Our Subjects

1. Dr. Harold Hillman:  A founder of Amnesty International, produced scientific research that ended the death penalty in a handful of states, and has proved that most modern cell biology is fatally flawed.

2. Dr. Maewan Ho: Geneticist, activist, painter. Originator of the mind-expanding theory of quantum coherence and the liquid crystalline structure of organisms. Eloquent speaker on the fallacies of neo-Darwinism, and how her art guides her science.

3. Professor Gerald Pollack: Discovered a fourth phase of water, beyond solid, liquid, and gas. Other revolutionary pursuits include transmutation of elements in living systems, harnessing power from infrared radiation, using vortices to purify water, and upending the theory of gravity.

4. Dr. Gilbert Ling: The 96 year-old granddaddy of renegade biology. Pioneered the Association Induction Hypothesis, an alternate theory of the workings of the cell that could forever change our understanding of life. That is, if the scientific establishment hadn’t marginalized him into obscurity.

5. Dr. Michael Persinger: The wizard of magnetic fields, head of behavioral neuroscience and consciousness research at Laurentian University. Made famous by inducing religious experiences with the "God Helmet". He's broke experimental ground in telepathy, quantum entanglement, earthquake prediction, shrinking tumors with fields, and other incredible pursuits. 

6. Dr. Fred Kummerow: The 100 year-old Head of the Dept. of Comparative Biosciences at the University of Illinois. It's thanks to him trans-fats are banned/limited in food (after 50+ years petitioning the FDA). More controversially, his work shows that the fish oils (i.e. omega-3, 6) and vegetable oils (flax, soy, canola, corn, etc.) are nearly as bad for heart health.

7. Dr. Raymond Peat: The genius who inspired this project. Topics of discourse include hormones, light, biochemistry, breathing, William Blake, education, dogmatism, space-time, and ice cream. An anti-authoritarian to the core, Ray's work makes even the most unconventional blush.

8. Danny Roddy: Our first interviewee under 70. A health blogger and citizen scientist with a unique gift of translating complex scientific theories to a general audience. If you or anyone you know are losing their hair, look this man up.